About Monex S.A.B.



The Company current Board of Directors is made up of the following members:

Full Board Members

Héctor Pío Lagos Dondé (COB)
Georgina Lagos Dondé
Mauricio Naranjo González (Vice COB)
Moisés Tiktin Nickin


Ana Isabel Lagos Vogt
Julia Inés Lagos Vogt
Jorge Hierro Molina
Patricia García Gutierrez

Independent Members

David Aaron Margolin Schabes
Hernando Carlos Luis Sabau García
Jorge Jesús Galicia Romero


Jacobo Guadalupe Martínez Flores

Deputy Secretary

Erik Alberto García Tapia

* The Secretary and Assistant Secretary are not part of the Board of Directors.

As part of the application submitted to the CNBV (Securities Exchange Commission) and the BMV (Mexican stock Exchange) in order to Register the Shares in the national Security Registry (RNV for its acronym in Spanish), Monex dully presented the information and documentation required by the Sole Circular Setter, including corporate documentation, Financial Statements and independent legal opinion, which may be consulted in: www.cnbv.gob.mx and www.bmv.com.mx, respectively.

Likewise, investors may obtain a copy of such documentation thereof by sending a written request to:

Alfredo Gershberg Figot, Finance and Planning Director, to Av. Paseo de la Reforma 284 Floor 12, Colonia Juárez, C.P. 06600, Ciudad de México. telephone: (55) 5231 0870. e-mail: relacionconinversionistas@monex.com.mx, or in our web page: www.monexsab.com.

Incursion in other areas, important historical events and strategic acquisitions.

Designated Persons.