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The information contained herein is offered only for consult purposes and not as support to perform any type of investment of financial activity; therefore, Monex S.A.B. de C.V., (“MONEX”, hereinafter) its stockholders, members and companies whose securities are listed in “MONEX” (INSTITUTIONS, hereinafter) shall not be held, direct or indirectly, liable for financial transactions or legal actions that users may carry out based on such information.

In several sections on this Site, a comparison of the performance of different financial instruments in time is possible to make out, however, this does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell nor is it an investment consultancy, therefore, the INSTITUTIONS shall not be held direct or indirectly liable as is stated in the above paragraph.

Additionally, the INSTITUTIONS shall not be held direct or indirectly liable for the type of content, for any type of errors or delays in content, its accuracy or for any action taken as a result of such content, as well as for any delays, interruptions or errors, flaws or omissions caused by or during the recording, processing, transmission, reception or display of information, as well as of its interpretation.

The information displayed on this site does not guarantee the performance or yields of securities traded at "MONEX", thus, by no circumstance should it be considered a suggestion to buy or sell securities.

Stock Exchange market stake should not be random, reason why all participants are recommended to rely on the consultancy and brokerage services of Securities Firms and/or of experts in such matters.

The content of this page, located on the Web Site www.holdingmonex.com shall not be reproduced for profit or non-profit, unless obtaining prior written authorization from “Monex S.A.B.”, and if applies, may only be used under its authorized terms. If the case, the source and copyright of such must be clearly mentioned. Likewise, it is expressively forbidden to carry out actions including but not limited to, copying, framing (using frames to show third-party pages), parsing (using algorithms to extract HTML code of a web page, third-party property information), and/or any other activity that includes the reproduction, total or partial, of the Site’s content, in any form and/or for any purpose.

Interested parties in obtaining detailed information regarding the content and/or corresponding authorization to reproduce this electronic publication, shall contact “Monex S.A.B.” Information and Product Office (Dirección de Información y Productos), at (55) 5231 4500, or the Information Center at Paseo de la Reforma 284 Piso 9, Colonia Juárez, México, D.F. C.P. 06600

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The INSTITUTIONS reserve the right to modify the content of this Site at any time without previous notice, and without being held liable for such action.

The Internet handles a great amount of information, including information from the users, which by own nature is not convenient to be of public domain in general, like for example, name, address, occupation, date of birth, telephone or E-mail address. When you use the Internet, the different sites that can be visited may be gathering information without your knowledge or consent. On the site of Monex S.A.B. de C.V. (MONEX", hereinafter) we thrive to protect the privacy of our users while using our services.

"MONEX" shall make every effort to not disclose information that may personally identify you or allow a third party not related to "MONEX" to contact you without your consent (Personal Information, hereinafter). However, it may share “Personal Information” with third-parties, who by its consideration offer products or services that may be of interest to you, or may be used for promotion or marketing purposes. If you would rather dispense of such product or service offers, or wish to maintain full control of your “Personal Information” and the mail sent to you, you may contact “MONEX” at the address: holdingmonex@monex.com.mx so that such “Personal Information” is kept under strict confidentiality.

Your “Personal Information” shall be revealed if a competent Authority requests it or if there is reason to believe in good faith that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, contact or sustain legal action against someone who is causing harm or detriment, as well as infringing, intentionally or non-intentionally, the copyrights of “MONEX” or any third-party.

There are specific cases in which personal information is required to provide services and the user must register or enroll. Likewise, “Personal Information” may be required to confirm that the Site’s policies are consistent with local or federal laws that regulate the user.

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“MONEX” reserves the right to deny, restrict, suspend, cancel or condition the Client access to the Site, being total or partial, temporary or definite, at any time and without previous notice, if the Client violates any of the stipulations from the terms and conditions set forth herein; if the Client commits any act that goes against applicable laws in force; if “MONEX” is unable to verify the Client’s identity; if any information provided by the Client were false or by any other cause, subject to full discretion of “MONEX”, as well as the possibility to modify the Site’s Services, without it being considered as incompliance on behalf of “MONEX”, the Entity, or the corresponding Service Provider.

The Client acknowledges that not all Services are available in all geographical areas and that some Services may be used once the Client has requested such services through an enrollment, registration or requisite established by “MONEX”, the Entity or the Service Provider, and through the payment of a fee, commission, as applies, which should be stated under specific conditions by each Entity, Service Provider, or for each type of Service.

“MONEX” does not guarantee availability and continuity of the Site and its Services, nor does it guarantee that the Site or the Services meet an objective or object with regards to any specific activity. The Client shall not hold “MONEX” liable of any damage or detriment of any nature that may result from unavailability or lack of continuity of the Site and/ or of its Services.

“MONEX” does not guarantee availability and continuity of the Site and its Services, nor does it guarantee that the Site or the Services will meet an objective or object with regards to any specific activity. The Client shall not hold “MONEX” liable of any damage or detriment of any nature that may result from unavailability or lack of continuity of the Site and/ or of its Services.


This privacy policy covers each one of the different sections of the “MONEX” Site; however, you must be aware that by using such services you may access other independent sites which we have no control over. These independent sites may request additional personal information, which is not covered by the privacy policy herein.

With the intention of verifying whether the site you accessed is an integral part of the “MONEX” Site and is therefore covered by this policy, it shall be necessary to slide your cursor to the bottom of the page and click on the policy link. This way you will be able to verify the terms and conditions that apply.

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Although "MONEX" makes an effort to maintain the confidentiality of your “Private Information”, we are not able to guarantee the safe-keeping of the aforementioned information if it’s revealed on-line, therefore, you would be the sole responsible party of any risk this may entail.

The privacy policy does not extend to any inherent Internet operation, which we are not able to control.


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Cookies, when presented with the “how” and “when” a site is used by specific users, verify the times, trends and most and least popular areas. Improvements and up-dating of sites are based on the information that is stored in the Cookies; therefore they can fit the specific needs of the users.

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Unfortunately, no data transmission on the Internet is 100% guaranteed. Although we thrive to protect our user’s “Personal Information”, it is not possible to assure, guarantee or become responsible for the safety of the information transmitted to us or transmitted from our on-line products or services, with the understanding that it shall be carried out at your own risk.

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Remember that nothing you write on the Internet is completely private, including E-mails, therefore, we recommend that you be careful and think twice about what you are writing and who you are writing to.


For the interpretation, compliance and execution of this agreement, the parties agree that Federal Estados Unidos Mexicanos laws shall be applied and shall be subject to Mexico City, Federal District Courts, expressively wavering any other jurisdiction that may correspond with regards to his/her address, current or future, or for any other cause.