About Monex S.A.B.


As a Financial Group, we seek to go further, for us it is not only important to help our clients carry out transactions or perform operations on a day to day basis, it is also essential to become advisors and partners to our clients, helping them achieve their goals and translate our experience in international financial markets into better management for companies and into a better asset management in the case of individual investors.

Why do our clients work with Monex?

Our clients choose Monex because of our experience in international financial markets, particularly in the currency market, which allows us to provide a consultancy service of higher added value in comparison to other financial brokers. Furthermore, we attract our clients because here at Monex we seek to maintain the lines of communication open with our clients, allowing us to understand their specific financial needs and the way we can help them.

This understanding of international financial markets as well as the capacity to grasp the situation faced by our clients is a feature offered by Monex in every place where we are present; it is a service that distinguishes us alike in all our branch offices in Mexico as well as in our New York and Madrid office. Monex emerged from the desire to allow our clients to navigate the international financial markets efficiently, and thus focusing on helping them grow through agile credits and investments that allow both companies and individuals working with Monex to achieve their goals.