Investor Relations


1.- What is a Public Company?
It is a company that has held an initial public offering and whose shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange. Public companies are subject to periodic filing and other obligations under the federal securities laws. The company aims to attract capital and investors and to generate different growth opportunities in the stock exchange market. As a Public Company, Monex may issue debt, hold initial public offerings, build a better image and projection of the company, and strengthen its competitiveness through transparency in corporate governance. This type of company is subject to the special provisions of the Securities Market Law, General Provisions Applicable to the Issuers of Securities and other Parties involved in the Stock Market, and the General Corporation Law.
2.- Where are the corporate offices of Monex?
Our offices are located at 284 Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, 15th floor, Juárez, 06600, Mexico City, Mexico. 
3.- What is the core business of Monex?
 Our core business is providing financial products and services for clients who have international operations.
4.- What companies compose Monex, S.A.B. de C.V.? 
Monex, S.A.B. de C.V. is composed of three direct subsidiaries: Monex Grupo Financiero, which, at the same time, is comprised of Banco Monex (Bank), Monex Casa de Bolsa (Brokerage House), and Monex Operadora de Fondos (Fund Company); MNI Holding, which is composed of Monex Europe and Monex USA; and Arrendadora Monex (Leasing Company). 
5.- What is the core business of the Financial Group?
The Financial Group is focused on providing corporate clients and individuals with foreign exchange and payment services, traditional banking services, trust services, risk management solutions (derivatives), brokerage services, and financial asset management.
6.- Where can I find the financial information of Monex, S.A.B. de C.V.?
The financial information of Monex, S.A.B. de C.V. can be consulted on our website in the sections “Financial Information” and “Investor Relations”, on the profile of Monex in the Mexican Stock Exchange, on the webpage of the Institutional Stock Exchange, and on the external inquiries webpage of the National Banking and Securities Commission.
7.- What is the ticker symbol of Monex’s shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange?
 The ticker symbol is MONEX.