About Monex S.A.B.


The essence of Monex is the dynamism and specialization. We differentiate ourselves by our solid leadership in the FX and payment services market in Mexico, as well as by our diversification focused on helping our clients to meet their financial needs.

Our brand consolidates our value, agility, growth, connection, globalization, and customization.

We are known for providing customized services for our clients through our 31 branch offices located in Mexico and our offices abroad, located in the United States (Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, Houston, San Antonio and San Diego), Canada (Toronto), United Kingdom (London), Spain (Madrid), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Singapore, and Luxembourg.

We also stand out due to our constant search for excellency in everything we do; therefore, we are focused in maintaining our leadership position in financial services for companies and we assume the challenge of achieving a wider relationship with our clients through a complete offer of products and services, supported by technology.